You may have existing pension plans in place, such as a company pension or a personal pension plan or perhaps you are only just starting to think of a plan and starting to save. You could be approaching or thinking about retirement or you may have already retired. Whatever position you may be in, understanding how to build up enough retirement savings and how pensions work should help you achieve your goals for the future.

Retiring for some, may seem a long way off, but financially delaying the process could have a considerable effect on your future standard of living.

In order to plan your retirement successfully you will need to consider your retirement plans:

  • What age do I wish to retire?
  • What hobbies or interests do I intend to pursue?
  • Do I intend to travel?

At FSC Investment Services Limited we can help and recommend the most suitable form of retirement planning strategies to suit your individual requirements and needs. We will advise on what steps we believe you should take in order to keep your pensions up to date by creating a retirement plan that is bespoke to your needs.

Should you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Personal Pensions

We recommend reputable personal pensions to help ensure that you get the best possible return on your investment.

How your Personal Pension works

A Personal Pension is a cost effective and reliable way to save your future. One of the key advantages of personal pensions is that you can claim tax relief on all the money you pay in, please note that there are limitations of what you can pay into your personal pension.

Personal Pensions are a great way to take control of your own destiny. The first step is we arrange a meeting to go over your specific needs and requirements. We will discuss a comfortable budget for you and discuss what risks you would like to take with your money. Once we have set this up, we can arrange annual reviews or more if you wish to do so, to help to ensure that you continue to receive positive returns on your investment

A member of staff at FSC will be available at any stage of the process to call should you have any queries about your personal pension. You can make changes to your level of investment and risk strategy if you wish at any time. Here at FSC we only invest in companies that are rated highly by the rating agencies

Saving for your retirement is crucial as we are now living longer, healthier and more active lives. Starting to save and put money aside as early as possible could make a difference to you later on in life.

Contact us today to begin making your retirement a little more comfortable.


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Pension Freedom

Since April 6th 2015, you have had a greater flexibility with your Pension. You may be able to withdraw up to 25% of your pension pot tax free, whether this is for a holiday, car or home improvements.

You may be able to get greater control over your pension, decide where it is invested and what returns you get.

If you are considering the above, we would strongly recommend getting Independent Financial Advice before you do so.

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Here are some brief comments from our clients.

“I have known Frank Cochran for about 15 yrs. He is professional and straightforward in his financial advice. Frank and his team at FSC are more like friends than advisers, they always look out for you. My finances could not be in better hands”

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Mrs D Saunders

“A learned man and well respected in his knowledge of finance throughout the corridor of top financial institutions, yet in all the years since that meeting in 1997, I have never encountered Frank to try and baffle me with financial jargon, glit financial anecdotes , no quotes of superiority to make me feel inferior or naive! He speaks clearly on layman terms which I can comprehend and follow with comfort, and at the same time feel at ease with that choice of investment and also at ease with adviser”

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Mr M Jones

“FSC Investments have been my financial advisors for nine years. During this time I have been very impressed by their thoroughness and professionalism. I find the twice a year review meeting very helpful”

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Miss R James

“We have had the peace of mind of knowing that our money is being looked after very professionally and in an understandable way”

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Mr & Mrs T Cox

“I am not a high risk taker so the fact that Frank has steered my investments through a number of very difficult years and still made handsome profits has been a credit to his integrity and skill as a Wealth Manager”

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Mr R Bennet

“I have been a client of Frank Cochran since 1999. Following my retirement I was keen to ensure a safe and reliable return for my investments. For the last 15 years Frank has skillfully guided me through a number of potentially fatal financial situations. Stock markets have crashed and rallied only to fall again, but Frank and his team have protected my money from losses and have often made money when friends and others have made substatial losses. Frank is trustworthy, friendly and above all he talks plain english in a way that everything he does is understood. I’d thoroughly recommend him to anyone”

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Mr L Williams

“We have known Frank for 15 years. After selling my shop we had money to invest. Frank was recommended to us as a safe pair of hands to invest this money. In all the time we have been with frank he has been very approachable and friendly. We look forward to our regular six monthly reviews and are happy to say we have never been let down”

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Mr & Mrs Caddick