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Making sense of your planning objectives and finances requires a lot of input and time in today’s fluctuating economic environment. The ongoing approach to wealth management and financial planning we offer helps you plan and achieve your financial and lifestyle objectives. We do this in the most tax efficient way, within your desired timescale with the most appropriate amount of risk.

We provide expert wealth management and financial advice with a dedicated approach to our client service tailored to your specific needs. We provide wealth structures that could protect your estate.

Taking time out to invest in some expert advice

We can help you:

  • Select a diverse range of products from the financial market to meet your required risk comfort zone.
  • Take advantage of tax-efficient investments such as ISA’s.
  • Understand your opinions and help bring you success
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New Individual savings accounts

New Individual savings accounts (NISA’s) are tax-free savings, this means that you do not have to declare income from them and you can use this to save cash or invest into stocks and shares if you wish to do so.

What can you save or Invest in an NISA?

  • Save cash and the interest will be tax-free.
  • Invest in shares or funds, any capital growth will be tax free and there is no further tax to pay on any dividends you receive.

NISA Contribution Rules

Due to the tax advantages of a NISA, the government sets limits on how much you can invest in a given tax year. In the current tax year 2017 – 2018 the limit is £20,000.

There are now two types of ISA available, a NISA and a LISA. Please contact us for full details
Sadly if a spouse or partner were to pass away, you can transfer the NISA allowance; previously the NISA had to be cashed in.

As an individual you can take out a NISA every year. It’s important to make sure that you are using your New Individual Savings Account to its full advantage.

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Investment Bonds

Investment bonds are a single premium life insurance policy and are a potentially tax-efficient way of holding a range of investment funds in one place. It can be a good way of allowing yourself to invest in a mixture of investment funds that are managed by professional Investment Managers.

Investment bonds are designed to provide benefits for different types of investors, however a common element is that they aim to produce a long-term capital growth and/or generate a long-term return.

When you invest in a bond, you will be allocated a certain number of units to the funds of your choice or those set out by the conditions of the bond. Each fund invests in a range of assets and the price of your units will normally rise and fall in line with the value of these assets.

Should you be a higher rate tax payer you may become liable to income tax at a rate equal to the difference between the basic rate and the higher rates (currently 20%), but this wouldn’t be until you cash in your bonds or make a partial withdrawal of over 5% per annum of your original investment.

Investment bonds are single premium life insurance policies, meaning that a small element of life insurance is provided. This means, this is paid out when you’ve passed away.

Please note that there are different tax treatments for investments held in on-shore and off-shore investment bonds. For the most appropriate bond for your own personal circumstances we strongly suggest you ask us for our professional advice.

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Unit Trusts / Open Ended Investment Contracts(OEIC'S)

Unit trusts / OEIC's are collective investments that allow you to participate in a wider range of investments that can normally be achieved on your own with smaller sums of money. Pooling your money with others also reduces risk.

Unit Trust / OEIC’s Portfolios

Unit Trust / OEIC’s Funds are divided into units, each of which represents a tiny share of the overall portfolio. Each day the portfolio is valued, which determines the value of the units. When the portfolio value rises, the price of the units increase. When the portfolio value drops, the price of the unit decrease.

The unit trust is run by a fund manager, or a team of managers who will make the investment decisions, they may invest in stocks all around the world. For the more adventurous investor, there are funds investing in individual emerging markets such as China, Brazil, Russia and India.

Some funds invest in metals or natural resources, as well as many putting their money into bonds. Others offer a blend of equities, bonds, property and cash; these are known as balanced funds.

Some funds however do not invest in shares directly but in a number other funds, these are called multi-manager funds. Some fund managers use their own judgement to assemble a portfolio of shares for their funds. This is known as actively managed funds.
A number of funds aim to replicate a particular index, such as the FTSE all-share index. These are known as trackers.

For more information or to chat in more detail please contact us for a free initial consultation.

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Here are some brief comments from our clients.

“I have known Frank Cochran for about 15 yrs. He is professional and straightforward in his financial advice. Frank and his team at FSC are more like friends than advisers, they always look out for you. My finances could not be in better hands”

Mrs D Saunders Image
Mrs D Saunders

“A learned man and well respected in his knowledge of finance throughout the corridor of top financial institutions, yet in all the years since that meeting in 1997, I have never encountered Frank to try and baffle me with financial jargon, glit financial anecdotes , no quotes of superiority to make me feel inferior or naive! He speaks clearly on layman terms which I can comprehend and follow with comfort, and at the same time feel at ease with that choice of investment and also at ease with adviser”

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Mr M Jones

“FSC Investments have been my financial advisors for nine years. During this time I have been very impressed by their thoroughness and professionalism. I find the twice a year review meeting very helpful”

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Miss R James

“We have had the peace of mind of knowing that our money is being looked after very professionally and in an understandable way”

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Mr & Mrs T Cox

“I am not a high risk taker so the fact that Frank has steered my investments through a number of very difficult years and still made handsome profits has been a credit to his integrity and skill as a Wealth Manager”

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Mr R Bennet

“I have been a client of Frank Cochran since 1999. Following my retirement I was keen to ensure a safe and reliable return for my investments. For the last 15 years Frank has skillfully guided me through a number of potentially fatal financial situations. Stock markets have crashed and rallied only to fall again, but Frank and his team have protected my money from losses and have often made money when friends and others have made substatial losses. Frank is trustworthy, friendly and above all he talks plain english in a way that everything he does is understood. I’d thoroughly recommend him to anyone”

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Mr L Williams

“We have known Frank for 15 years. After selling my shop we had money to invest. Frank was recommended to us as a safe pair of hands to invest this money. In all the time we have been with frank he has been very approachable and friendly. We look forward to our regular six monthly reviews and are happy to say we have never been let down”

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Mr & Mrs Caddick