Brexit has been a hot topic in the news lately as The Supreme Court has dismissed the government’s appeal in a landmark case, meaning Parliament will be required to give its approval before official talks on leaving the EU can begin.


According to a survey conducted by YouGov and the Centre for Economic and Buyout Research, Brexit has lead a third of UK businesses to pause over £65.5 billion of investments. However on the other hand it can be suggested that businesses utilising UK manufacturing are attracting overseas buyers looking to take advantage of the weak pound at this time, leaving them in some of the strongest positions in the UK market!

So is it possible that it’s not all bad news? In the three months following Brexit, the economy grew by 0.5% overall. Although slower than the 0.7% growth of the past quarter, Analysts had estimated the growth could have been as little as 0.3% and so is more successful than anticipated!



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