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On this week’s episode we discuss our opinions on the importance of financial education in schools. We say that not only do school head teachers come to us to organise their pensions in preparation for retirement, but also for advice for their pupils too!


At FSC investments we offer strategic support and guidance to people in all sorts of employment, from teachers looking to arrange their pensions, to young up-and-coming football stars looking to organise their finances. However it is this younger group of people that we mention specifically in BigCentreTV that might need the extra support the most.


“Kids are coming to me at the age of 16 or 17 and have no idea about money… they just don’t understand it. And they never will get round to learning unless we teach them about it now


FSC suggests the “curriculum should be supplemented” to teach youngsters about things like savings, life insurance or mortgages. We outline that what seems to young people like far-off responsibilities are actually essential to their development and financial stability throughout life.


What do you feel about this? Did you find that growing up you knew a lot about financial topics? Or did you find you relied on the support of parents? Get in touch and let us know!


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