FSC Investment Services Limited was established in 1997 and specialises in independent financial planning. From our base in Wolverhampton we are able to offer nationwide coverage to our clients. We provide advice in all areas of financial services, including investments, inheritance tax planning, life assurance, wills, trusts & retirement planning to both the corporate and private sectors.

Our advisory service to new and existing clients ensures that they are seen at least once a year for a full financial review. We have found that in order to maintain a solid adviser-client relationship, communication is fundamental as to our clients ever changing needs and life changing events. FSC is split into two main sectors, Corporate and Individual, although many clients fall into both sectors. With our independent status and team of advisers and specialist tax planners in both sectors. We are able to look after all our clients financial requirements.

The company is well known within the industry and press, with regular articles in the Express & Star, Telegraph and Mail on Sunday and appearances on ITV, Sky News and CNN.

We have our head office in the centre of Wolverhampton at 65 Waterloo Road (opposite the Molineux Football Stadium).

The value of your investment may rise and fall, and investors may not get back the full amount invested. the levels, bases and reliefs from taxation may be subject to change.

Our Process

At FSC Investment Services Limited we pride ourselves on providing a bespoke financial advice service to all our clients. This sounds simple but in fact it is a real challenge in this modern world of financial planning.

Following the introduction of the ‘new advice world’ post Retail Distribution Review (RDR) in January 2014, this review was the widest ranging changes the industry has ever seen, it introduced minimum necessary examination requirements for all IFA’s (in simple terms if you don’t have the relevant Level 4 Diploma pass and if you do not have a ‘Statement of Professional Standing’ you cannot offer any Retail Financial advice).

The way in which professional Financial advisers were remunerated also came under the spotlight, no longer were commissions to be paid, Advisers were now required to be paid on a fee basis (the same as other professional bodies like Solicitors and Accountants). It may come as a surprise to know that FSC Investment Services limited have operated on this basis since 2007.

In 2007 we began remodeling how we select, build and monitor our clients portfolios. From a simple stocks and shares ISA to a very complex pension arrangement, the principle is still the same, the driver for all our services is performance without taking undue or unnecessary risk with our clients capital.

Our tested and well-proven process begins with one very simple mantra, we listen to our clients.

We complete a very detailed one to one discussion with our prospective new client, we want to know as much as we can about you, we will complete a fact-find, within this document we will record every aspect of your current and past financial dealings, your thoughts, opinions, your feelings and of course all the detailed information about your lifestyle, your earnings, your tax position and your savings and investments.

Once we have evaluated the information provided we could talk through what you feel the areas will be where you need help, you may on the other hand simply say ‘I need to review everything’!! Either way we will guide, help and discuss with you everything you feel necessary and important and most of all ‘what prompted you to come to see FSC Investment Services Limited’. Once we have reached this stage its down to us to complete a full review and appraisal of everything you’ve provided to us, and marry this to what you’ve told us and then look at your goals, objectives and your dreams.

This is where the magic starts!!!

Your adviser will now team up with one of our professional Para-planning technical experts to form the basis of an action plan that will form the building blocks for your new financial future. Together the team will prepare a report encompassing every aspect of your remit to us. We will obtain personalised quotations for any new Pensions, Investments or any other financial products you may need to provide a solution to your needs. These products will be fully researched and bench marked against their peer group, we will compare costs and features benefits and all other aspects before we finally settle on the most suitable product for you.

Your risk and reward analysis will then be brought into play and our team will construct a personally chosen portfolio of funds or investments which will be blended and correctly correlated ( diversity being the end result). These funds and investments will also be fully researched and bench marked to ultimately select funds from the best of breed and even then the best of the best of the breed. We use FE analytics, Morning Star and Old Broad Street Ratings agencies to formulate a consensus approval for your finalised portfolio.

We do not use standard pigeon holed one size fits all type arrangements. Your portfolio will normally be 100% custom built to suit every aspect of your financial needs and risk and rewards profiles.

Once you have read and approved our recommendations, we will guide you through the application process, we will arrange; how you pay for your new investments, your money laundering checks and make sure your new investments are put into force with the minimum of force.

Following this you will shortly receive our full report explaining in full detail all the steps we have taken and the details of your new transactions.

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Once we know what you are looking for, our Paraplanning team will search the whole financial market for the right products, funds or tax planning tools

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2nd Consultation

On our second consultation we will provide you with your tailored financial review. We will discuss and review the findings and the recommendations.

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Once you are happy with the recommendations provided to you and you fully understand and accept these, then the next step is to start the process.

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Post Advice Services

It is vitally important to the success of our initial advice that regular monitoring of the progress of your investments and the performance of your plans be regularly checked. We like to see our clients at least once a year and more often than not every 6 monthly. Our philosophy is that in order to maintain a solid adviser-client relationship, communication is not just fundamental it’s crucial.

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Client Referrals

Our New business stream is vitally important to the financial growth and security of FSC Investments, as such we welcome our client’s help in meeting like minded people who would find our services beneficial. It is a fact that a large part of our business comes from referrals from existing clients.


Here are some brief comments from our clients.

“I have known Frank Cochran for about 15 yrs. He is professional and straightforward in his financial advice. Frank and his team at FSC are more like friends than advisers, they always look out for you. My finances could not be in better hands”

Mrs D Saunders Image
Mrs D Saunders

“A learned man and well respected in his knowledge of finance throughout the corridor of top financial institutions, yet in all the years since that meeting in 1997, I have never encountered Frank to try and baffle me with financial jargon, glit financial anecdotes , no quotes of superiority to make me feel inferior or naive! He speaks clearly on layman terms which I can comprehend and follow with comfort, and at the same time feel at ease with that choice of investment and also at ease with adviser”

Mr M Jones Image
Mr M Jones

“FSC Investments have been my financial advisors for nine years. During this time I have been very impressed by their thoroughness and professionalism. I find the twice a year review meeting very helpful”

Miss R James Image
Miss R James

“We have had the peace of mind of knowing that our money is being looked after very professionally and in an understandable way”

Mr & Mrs T Cox Image
Mr & Mrs T Cox

“I am not a high risk taker so the fact that Frank has steered my investments through a number of very difficult years and still made handsome profits has been a credit to his integrity and skill as a Wealth Manager”

Mr R Bennet Image
Mr R Bennet

“I have been a client of Frank Cochran since 1999. Following my retirement I was keen to ensure a safe and reliable return for my investments. For the last 15 years Frank has skillfully guided me through a number of potentially fatal financial situations. Stock markets have crashed and rallied only to fall again, but Frank and his team have protected my money from losses and have often made money when friends and others have made substatial losses. Frank is trustworthy, friendly and above all he talks plain english in a way that everything he does is understood. I’d thoroughly recommend him to anyone”

Mr L Williams Image
Mr L Williams

“We have known Frank for 15 years. After selling my shop we had money to invest. Frank was recommended to us as a safe pair of hands to invest this money. In all the time we have been with frank he has been very approachable and friendly. We look forward to our regular six monthly reviews and are happy to say we have never been let down”

Mr & Mrs Caddick Image
Mr & Mrs Caddick